Gas Generator Solutions

A Step Towards The Right Direction

i-Genz Gas Genset

Suitable for minimum voltage demand as emergency backup power for commercial and residential.

Suitable for commercial, edge data centre, telecommunication, construction, and residential usage.

Powerful and reliable backup power for heavy usage in data center, residential and commercial.

Why Choose Gas Generator Solutions?

The uninterruptable, economical, reliable and sustainable source of backup power.
i-Genz Gas Generator solutions utilizing Natural gas, LNG gas or other gases with cutting-edge technology to provide high performance and low emissions power supply. With the technology of combined heat and power (CHP), as well as combined heat, power and cooling (CHPC) solutions, it enhance the power reliability and sustainability for most of the applications.

Gas Generator has potential to save cost up to 25% in Power Utilisation Effectiveness (PUE)

With the new distribution topologies in Gas Generator, power supply become more safe and reliable

Implementation of Gas Generator increase resilience and also stabilise the national grid systems